Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Still writing 

Amazingly I am still writing. I'm up to 4000 words on Chapter One and have started on Chapter Two. I have set myself some rules:

  1. No reading on the train.
  2. No crossword on the train.
  3. Sleeping on the train is okay but unlikely to happen unless I am extremely pissed.
  4. Transcribe at weekends when I have been writing longhand.
  5. Do minor reviews where it leads to more words but DO NOT remove or revise large parts of text.
I'm not sure about letting people in the writing group review it yet. It is largely irrelevant what they say about what I am writing. I am clear where I want to go with it and will become clearer as I write it. Then I will go back and do a major revision.

The Psion 5 PDA I have procured may help a bit but interestingly I find I am writing faster in longhand!

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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

More about writing 

I've actually started writing the novel! I managed about 2000 words last week. That doesn't sound much but remember I have only been writing in the 20 minutes or so I spend on the train and that's longhand writing, not typing. If I keep that up I could manage a 100,000 words in a year.

We'll see.

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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Kirsty MacColl 

Okay it was a while ago now but I think it was a crime against humanity when Kirsty was killed in a horrific diving accident. The woman had such enormous talent and wit.

I recently bought Tropical Brainstorm and I cannot stop listening to it. All of the tracks are just incredible and many with such a hot Latin American feel to them, yet so characteristically Kirsty.

I couldn't find a fan site but that might have been because I didn't spell her name correctly.

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