Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Girl on train 

Look, I'm sorry to bang on about this make-up on trains business but I after this morning's ride to work I need to say something.

There was a girl sitting opposite me who was putting on make-up for the whole journey. Now, it's not a long ride into London from Orpington; it's just over half an hour but I think it's a bit extreme to be painting your face for that amount of time.

I think what was the most tragic thing about this girl was not that she was putting on make-up for half an hour but that when she'd finished she looked at least 10 years older (do girls really want to do that?) and a hell of a lot worse than when she'd started.

What was also extremely sad was that she caught me watching (I was fascinated - I didn't know what she was going to paint next) and I think she thought I was interested in her. Wrong tree, wrong forest.

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Friday, September 10, 2004

Health and fitness 

That diet thing ended some time back. The only things I am staying off are milk and cheese. I now drink black tea and fantasise about cheese on toast. I still need to investigate what I am eating a little further as I am Mr Fartypants most evenings and I am becoming very fat.

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Gosh, I'm stupid. Did I notice all those extra settings for these blog pages? No. Thanks to Woman of Wit (http://wittywoman/blogspot.com) for putting me straight.

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